50+ Names for Group of Animals

You might have heard people saying a pack of wolves or a family of otters or a swarm of bees. That is because when in group, these animals are called just that. I’d be wrong if I say a group of wolves or a pack of bees. Below is the list of fifty plus animals and what to call them if they’re in group. These words are known as collective noun for a group of animals.

Fun Fact: You call it a clowder of cats if they are small and a pride of cats if they’re big cats.

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What makes solar eclipse so dangerous to look at?

Have you ever wondered why you’re advised against looking at the eclipse with bare eyes? After all, it’s the same sun being blocked by a planetary object. The fact that the sun doesn’t magically power ups during the eclipse but looking at it during then can make you go blind has to do with your eyes not the sun itself.

The fundamental science behind this is the anatomy of human pupil which varies its size to adapt to the luminance or simply the intensity of light entering your eyes. In dark, an adult’s pupil can stretch/dilate up to 8 mm in diameter to allow more light to enter your eyes while it can shrink down to 2 mm in bright surroundings. But what is bright enough to make pupil shrink to the lowest? Holladay L. in 1926 in his journal “The fundamentals of glare and visibility” established that it takes only less than a luminance of 1000 cd/m2 for a human pupil to shrink to its lowest. Beyond that it’s other supporting elements that protects your retina like squeezing your eyes or shutting them altogether.

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Proof That We Are All Living In The Past, Literally

“Living in the Now” so hard? What if I tell you that you never live in your present, in fact, you always live in the past.

What is living? A sight of something, a taste of something, a touch of somebody – in short – all our senses together but mostly seeing and reacting to that sight is living.

Our Eyes Never See the Present

Believe it when I say that our eyes can never have a current glimpse of any object around, ever; we are always fenced in the aged collection of flashes. Sounds kooky? Grant me a chance to prove myself right.

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What Really Drives Death Valley’s Roving Rocks?

The moving, sailing and sliding rocks of Racetrack Playa, Death Valley National Park in California have garnered the attention of many scientists and visitors throughout the years. The Racetrack Playa is a dry lake featuring the race track imprints of the moving rocks. The moving rocks are a geological phenomenon where the rocks, some weighing about 318 kgs, move without any human intervention.

Photograph by Pete Ryan

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Fact: Corals are Animals, Not Plants!

The beautiful coral reefs you see underwater are actually animals and not plants!

Coral is any structure that is made up of hundreds of thousands of tiny coral creatures called polyps. They are translucent animals of a sessile nature, which attach themselves to the ocean floor, ‘taking roots’ just like plants.

But, How?

The major differentiating factor between plants and animals is that plants can produce their own food through photosynthesis while animals have to rely on food sources.


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Science Books Lie about the Solar System

Classic illustrations in Science books of the solar system are not according to scale and are only merely for illustration purposes. The distances between the planets are so exceedingly vast that there could not possibly be a scale model in text books.

If sun is the size of a tennis ball, a true to scale model of our solar system would be half a mile wide. (Tweet this)

The only scale model of the solar system is presented is created with the aid of Ron Hipschman’s scale model, where the size of the sun is entered as 65 mm (almost 650 pixel in diameter) and all the other sizes of the planets and their distances from the sun are measured accordingly, where the solar system is half a mile wide on this webpage.

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6 Animals that are Biggest in Size in Australia

Chills went down my spine and goose bumps tickled my insides as the mammoth creatures glared at me from my laptop screen. My search for Australian wonders had led me to some surprising results.

Disclaimer for the faint hearted: Hold your hearts. Be afraid, be VERY afraid!!!

1. Earth Worms

Size: 3-9 foot long.

Known to be the world’s largest worm – this beast is one which does not need legs to slither around you. They range from 3 feet to 9 feet long. It is very unusual for invertebrates to survive up till 10 years but this one seems immortal in insect terms, as many have the potential life of 10 long years.

source: trasyy.livejournal.com

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“I never said she stole my money” has 7 Different Meanings

“I never said she stole my money” has 7 different meanings depending on the stressed word.

Whether it is verbal communication or written, how you structure your words can play an integral role. It is very important to emphasize the correct words if you do not want there to be any miscommunication. On which word the emphasis is placed can completely change the meaning of what we are communicating.


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