50+ Names for Group of Animals

You might have heard people saying a pack of wolves or a family of otters or a swarm of bees. That is because when in group, these animals are called just that. I’d be wrong if I say a group of wolves or a pack of bees. Below is the list of fifty plus animals and what to call them if they’re in group. These words are known as collective noun for a group of animals.

Fun Fact: You call it a clowder of cats if they are small and a pride of cats if they’re big cats.

Apes: a shrewdness of apes.
Badgers: a cete of badgers
Bats: a colony of bats
Bears: a sloth of bears
Bees: a swarm of bees
Buffalo: a gang of buffalo
Camels: a caravan of camels
Cobras: a quiver of cobras
Crocodiles: a bask of crocodiles
Crows: a murder of crows
Dogs: a pack of dogs
Puppies: a litter of puppies
Donkeys: a drove of donkeys
Eagles: a convocation of eagles
Elephants: a parade of elephants
Falcons: a cast of falcons
Ferrets: a business of ferrets

image by Ratshed on Deviantart

Fish: a school of fish
Flamingos: a stand of flamingos
Foxes: a leash of foxes
Frogs: an army of frogs
Geese: a gaggle of geese
Giraffes: a tower of giraffes
Gorillas: a band of gorillas
Hippopotami (plural of Hippopotamus): a bloat of hippopotami
Hyenas: a cackle of hyenas
Jaguars: a shadow of jaguars
Jellyfish: a smack of jellyfish
Kangaroos: a mob of kangaroos
Lemurs: a conspiracy of lemurs
Leopards: a leap of leopards
Lions: a pride of lions
Moles: a labor of moles
Monkeys: a troop of monkeys
Mules: a pack of mules
Otters: a family of otters
Oxen (plural of Ox): a team of oxen
Owls: a parliament of owls
Parrots: a pandemonium of parrots
Pigs: a team of pigs
Rabbits: a herd of rabbits
Rats: a colony of rats
Ravens: an unkindness of ravens
Rhinoceroses: a crash of rhinoceroses
Shark: a shiver of shark
Skunk: a stench of skunk
Snakes: a nest of snakes
Squirrels: a scurry of squirrels
Stingrays: a fever of stingrays
Swans on land: a game of swans
Swans in flight: a wedge of swans
Tigers: an ambush of tigers
Toads: a knot of toads
Turkeys: a gang of turkeys

Turtles: a nest of turtles
Weasels: a pack of weasels
Whales: a pod of whales
Wolves: a pack of wolves
Zebras: a zeal of zebras