Proof That We Are All Living In The Past, Literally

“Living in the Now” so hard? What if I tell you that you never live in your present, in fact, you always live in the past.

What is living? A sight of something, a taste of something, a touch of somebody – in short – all our senses together but mostly seeing and reacting to that sight is living.

Our Eyes Never See the Present

Believe it when I say that our eyes can never have a current glimpse of any object around, ever; we are always fenced in the aged collection of flashes. Sounds kooky? Grant me a chance to prove myself right.

Verification of this fact requires basic knowledge of how we see objects. Every object in our environment reflects the light which falls upon it and we are able to see that object via reflected light a few nano seconds later.

Since light travels approx. a standard foot (12 inches) every nanosecond, that means an object 10 feet from us is always 10 nanoseconds newer than what we’re seeing of it.


We see years old stars, eight minutes older sun and a 1.3 seconds old moon and never a later version of theirs. A star on the clear sky might already be dead for years and yet we are being served with its outdated version. Sun, that we see, is actually about eight minutes old and if, hypothetically, it disappears at once, we will keep seeing it for good eight minutes.

Believe is Astrology? I have a news for you – we can never see the actual state of a star at this very moment – our eyes are served with its outdated version, maybe, years older.

Every visible object is reflecting or radiating light to get marked in our eyes. Light takes time travelling distance even if it is just a few centimeters. Obliged to these natural laws, images our eyes see are of the past already. How long in the past depends on the distance of the objects, makes a fairly good case for heavenly objects and a weaker one for the earthly.